I was reading about why it is better to avoid using two leading underscores to create a private attribute in Python class. Then I found that Python use what is called “Name mangling” Well what was interesting is it is a compiler feature. Let’s read its definition in wikipedia:


“Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.”
John Dewey

Growing up we were taught that mistakes must be avoided. Because of that we are scared of making any mistakes in our life, work, relationships etc.

Yes, we…

“Every cloud has a silver lining”.

I submitted my CV to a company that is building an AI-related product, Scape Technologies. Their website, before they updated it, was not clear about the exact idea behind the product. What I firstly got from it was what they are building is an…

High level programming languages are designed to be closer to human languages and further from machine language. They abstract us away from the direct interaction with the hardware, and Python is one of them. Computer programs are operations and bits that flows between hardware parts. If we could understand the…

Yasser Sinjab

Software Engineer. Data nerd. Machine learning enthusiast.

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